Why hire Pile Law Firm in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, to help with your estate planning? And why do that especially if you live elsewhere in the state or in New Jersey? Because effective estate planning involves judgment and skills gained only through professional training and experience. Wills and trusts produced by using kits or software from home may not comply with Pennsylvania or New Jersey state laws. If not properly drafted, your estate may not be distributed according to your wishes. Also, your family may incur legal costs should the will or trust be challenged. Consulting E. Nego Pile will ensure that your estate planning needs and desires are properly met.

Benefits of an Estate Plan

There are many benefits in establishing an estate plan. One such benefit is providing for incapacity. If you become incapacitated, you may not be capable of managing your own health and financial affairs, and you may need someone to assist you with these decisions. If you do not have a power of attorney or the proper planning in place, your family may need to petition a court to declare you legally incapacitated and seek guardianship to assist you, causing added stress on your family members. It is important that you include a durable financial power of attorney and an advance health care directive in your estate plan. The law allows you to appoint someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf about financial and medical treatment options if you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself.

Another benefit is that you can avoid probate with a sound estate plan in place. If you don’t properly plan for the distribution of your property and assets, your property may pass through probate, a process which can be expensive, time consuming and public. If you are married with children, you will want to be sure your family has immediate access to your resources in order to pay for living expenses while your estate is being settled.

If you have minor children, it is important that your estate plan address issues regarding their care. A contingency plan should be put into place for the guardian you would nominate to provide this care. You have the flexibility of appointing anyone you trust to be the guardian. Without nominating a guardian for your children, a court may be forced to make this decision for you.

Don’t leave the welfare of your loved ones up to fate. The time to begin estate planning is now. And the estate planning attorney to consult if you live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey is E. Nego Pile. Contact Pile Law Firm today.