Just to be clear, we are not realtors; Pile Law Firm does not sell homes in Pennsylvania or New Jersey or anywhere else. We do, however, handle the legal aspects of various real-estate transactions hereabouts. What we deal with, then, is real-estate law.

As it happens, any number of legal issues may arise during the acquiring, financing, developing, managing, or construction of real estate, no matter what type of property it is. Some instances where one might want to hire an attorney include when purchasing or selling real-estate, doing a short sale, dealing with foreclosure, negotiating land use, struggling with zoning issues, or contending with difficult landlord-tenant relationships.

When purchasing or selling real estate, whether commercial or residential, it is helpful to have an attorney assist with negotiating and drafting agreements of sale and reviewing titles for defects that may affect the client.

Hiring an experienced attorney to assist in a short sale can save both the homeowner and the lender time as well as money, especially if foreclosure can be avoided.

If your home is foreclosed on, an attorney can help provide options to prevent the loss of the home. At times, lenders only initiate foreclosure proceedings because they want to avoid a total loss, not because they want to own the property. With the help of an experienced attorney, a homeowner can negotiate with the lender an alternative way to make payments. Also, in the case where a bank made a mistake or violated a homeowner’s rights, an attorney can help a homeowner fight the foreclosure and keep their home.

Zoning is a system of land use regulation initiated by local governments. These regulations define the types of activities allowable on different lots of land. The types of issues where hiring an attorney would be necessary include rezoning, land use planning, planned unit development (PUD), environmental impact assessments, variance requests and site plan applications.

Pile Law Firm represents clients in all aspects of real-estate development, transactions, and litigation. We provide clear, practical advice to help clients achieve their goals, whether it involves a simple lease renewal, real-estate contract drafting, or negotiating a particularly “messy” zoning or title issue. In each case, we define success the same way: by meeting the client’s objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our practice also handles the development, acquisition, leasing, financing, and construction of commercial and residential real estate; real estate loans; foreclosures; zoning and land use negotiations; short sales; mortgage modifications; and all types of litigation involving real estate. Engaging our services in Pennsylvania or New Jersey is easy: Contact Pile Law Firm.