When people in Pennsylvania or New Jersey seek to buy or sell real estate, many of them turn to Attorney E. Nego Pile and his team at Pile Law Firm for legal representation.

The Role of an Attorney in Buying Residential Real Estate

Purchasing a home is typically the biggest and most important investment anyone makes in their lifetime. Engaging the legal services of an attorney ensures that buyers are totally protected.

The issue most frequently faced is the failure of the seller to disclose problems with the property being sold. If problems with a Pennsylvania or New Jersey property you’re seeking to buy aren’t fully disclosed during the buying process, you, as new owner, will have to deal with those problems at your own expense. All too often, that leads to costly litigation.

Hire Attorney E. Nego Pile to help with your real-estate purchase, and you can avoid these problems altogether. Nego will work directly with the agents and the banker involved to minimize potential risks and see that your interests are preserved.

The Role of an Attorney in Selling Residential Real Estate

Prior to selling a property, you, the owner, must understand the many regulations that govern home sales in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Although a “sale by owner” is doable, hiring an attorney can give you confidence that all regulations are being followed to the letter and costly legal issues won’t arise.

Nego will review your listing agreement with the real estate broker to verify that everything about the sale is legitimate. This can be especially useful if the real estate broker isn’t performing well. Attorney oversight of the proposed agreement of sale also helps make certain that you, the homeowner, are protected from liability and that contingencies are both reasonable and limited. At the closing of the property, Nego’s presence will further ensure that no problems develop, that last-minute changes are properly negotiated, and that the closing documents are explained to you in depth.

Buying and Selling Commercial Real Estate Legally

Commercial real estate buying and selling can be tricky, since many factors come into play that may affect possession and title to the property. Among these factors are material defects within the seller’s knowledge, the buyer’s duty to inspect, various encumbrances, and any environmental or zoning issues. Prior to making or accepting an offer on commercial real estate, you should consult with an attorney to ensure that your interests are represented in the negotiation process. Nego will inform you whether your business is in compliance with local land use and zoning laws and what can be done if it isn’t.

Pennsylvania’s Preferred Real-Estate Lawyer

In matters of real estate, Nego’s legal services typically involve negotiating the terms of purchase agreements; advising clients as to financing and title conditions; representing clients in the acquisition, development, construction, leasing, and sale of commercial, residential, and multifamily properties or mixed-use projects; and identifying potential liability risks with respect to zoning issues, environmental problems, or unsatisfied liens.

Nego can prepare deeds as well and represent his clients’ interests at closing in order to ensure that all parties have properly fulfilled their obligations.

Furthermore, Nego and his team are experienced in negotiating government real-estate contracts, arranging construction and investment financing, and handling dispute resolution.

Whatever your real-estate buying or selling needs in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, the lawyer to see is E. Nego Pile. Contact Pile Law Firm today and set up a free consultation.