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Most of us aren’t inclined to leave our families’ fates to chance. Yet many people put off planning for the future until the future is upon them. Attorney E. Nego Pile and we who comprise his team at Pile Law Firm have a remedy for that. People all over Pennsylvania and New Jersey have benefitted from it, too.

Our firm’s sole purpose is to provide legal services that help you better …

  • assess your goals,
  • plan for the vicissitudes of life that inevitably affect us all,
  • build and protect your assets,
  • provide for the continued care of your family, yourself, or your designated heirs so that changing circumstances don’t leave anyone vulnerable, and
  • leave an enduring legacy.

To do this, we may help you prepare an estate plan, a special needs plana will, a trust, or a guardianship. We may litigate on your behalf in a personal injury case. Or we may assist you in matters of real estate, either in buying or selling property, dealing with foreclosure, or perhaps negotiating a landlord-tenant relationship.

Regardless of how we serve you, you’ll see that we deliver our services with care and compassion. We get to know our clients well, treat them as members of our own family, and attend to the needs of each as if each were our only client. Where we can simplify legal processes, we do so. We also look for ways to make paying for our services easy and affordable, keeping costs low where possible and doing things like offering the optional convenience of online payments.

If you’re concerned about protecting your assets and your family, do it the right way: Contact Pile Law Firm.