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What Kinds of Transactions or Disputes Can a Real Estate Lawyer Help With?

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In Pennsylvania, various real estate transactions happen daily, and each requires a complex set of steps that must be completed before the transaction can be finalized.

For example,  you, as the seller, may have failed to satisfy a necessary contingency or somehow defaulted in your sales contract. Your buyer might be unable to meet specific obligations in the contract, which may give you the right to terminate it. 

Various types of real estate contracts may complicate the transaction. Not all are simple conventional sales; some are “short sales,” land sales, foreclosures, etc. All require different contracts, riders, and various contingencies.

When these real estate complications arise, the advice of a local Blue Bell real estate lawyer will be invaluable in helping you overcome the issue and move towards a successful conclusion of your deal.

Besides simply assisting in purchasing and selling real estate, a professional real estate lawyer will be vital in transactions such as short sales, foreclosures, negotiation of land use, zoning issues, helping resolve landlord-tenant disputes, and much more.

A real estate law firm specializes in real estate transactions, and their advice may save you thousands of dollars if any type of dispute arises in your transaction.

They will assist you in a myriad of aspects of real estate law, and their assistance with issues will always provide you with all the options you need to know.

Just some of the many things they will do in a real estate transaction are:

  • Drafting all necessary legal documents – Such as the real property purchase and sale agreement, which is vital to your transaction and details precisely what both parties must do. In complex real estate deals, such as commercial real estate, their help is mandatory.
  • Help to negotiate the transaction – They will professionally represent you in your transaction by identifying your interests in order to get a good deal. This is also vital in today’s competitive real estate market.
  • They will negotiate all disputes – Some of these disputes revolve around the real estate contract or lease. Still, others involve realtors’ or brokers’ negligence or misconduct in real estate transactions.

Disputes of some kind almost always arise in any real estate transaction, and your local Blue Bell real estate lawyer will always protect your interests and advise you on your options and actions.

When Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Pennsylvania?

One area which might be less obvious is that your experienced real estate lawyer, many times, can identify potential issues with development, build sites, contract issues, zoning issues, tax problems, and more. So, these possible disputes and concerns will be identified by your lawyer before they become a costly problem that may affect the entire transaction.  

Real estate deals can be complex and have joint problems, such as access, easements, deed restrictions, zoning, environmental considerations, violations triggering rollback taxes, and many other potential roadblocks to a successful transaction.

In more complex real estate projects, such as the development or subdividing of a property, the help of a real estate lawyer is mandatory. There are often issues with the title report and other problems on the property the buyer intends to purchase. Title companies can only do so much, but your Blue Bell real estate lawyer will work “above and beyond” to review the title report and help ensure all issues are resolved. Also, by using your lawyer instead of a ”title company,” your overall cost to close may, at times, be lower.

Should I Use a Real Estate Lawyer If I’m a Real Estate Investor

Whether new to real estate investing or not, there are always specific and pertinent questions about a property that you may not be able to answer. Obtaining the advice of a local real estate lawyer is almost always the best option for you.

As an investor, there are some things, though, that you need to know; they are:

  • What are your real estate lawyers’ qualifications – Do they have the credentials and licenses to practice in the states you’re investing in?
  • Do they have extensive experience in investment real estate –  Have they dealt with similar properties and transactions?
  • Will there be ongoing and effective communication between you and your lawyer – Real estate transactions involve lots of questions, and proper communication is essential. Ensure that your lawyer will give you the personal, effective communication and service that will be invaluable in pushing your transaction to close.  

A seasoned investor knows that working with a professional, aggressive Blue Bell real estate lawyer is vital to get the deal they want. However, selecting responsible counsel is challenging but often critical to a successful long-term investment strategy. 

Having a Local Real Estate Lawyer Will Provide “Peace of Mind” In Your Transaction.

If you’re simply buying a new home for your family or are involved in a real estate purchase involving “out-of-the-ordinary” elements that complicate your purchase, obtaining a professional real estate attorney is wise. Purchasing real estate today involves hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars and numerous steps and hurdles to overcome.

Your local qualified, thorough, and aggressive real estate lawyer will ensure that all your contracts, riders, decisions, and “bases” are covered and your interests are protected.

Most buyers (and sellers) always have a “gut” feeling that something could go wrong, and you must have someone looking out for you. Gaining “peace of mind” during your transaction is an area where your Blue Bell  real estate law team  will be invaluable to you.

So, even if your transaction goes “awry,” you have someone who is looking out for your best interests and who can help you work through any possibly “deal-breaking” or tricky situation.

I Am Making Some Real Estate Decisions and Need Help; How Should I Proceed?

Any personal, family, business, or commercial real estate transaction in Pennsylvania can (and usually will) incur minor to highly severe and costly disputes. These issues can disrupt your family or your business and negatively impact your finances and life.

Obtaining the professional guidance and empathetic advice of your Blue Bell real estate lawyer will provide you with the expert, aggressive, and knowledgeable support you need to overcome whatever real estate issues may arise.

So, consult with your real estate law team today, and ensure you’re represented with excellence in any real estate transactions or disputes, whether it’s a family home or an extensive development.