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What Does An Elder Law Attorney Do?

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What Does an Elder Law Attorney Do?

As the American population enjoys longer life spans than previous generations, the role of elder law has become important in helping seniors live safely and prepare for the future as much as possible. An elder law attorney has numerous tools at his disposal to help manage various issues, including these:

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not just for the incredibly wealthy. Anyone with some assets, whether financial or real estate, should plan ahead for what happens to those assets after their death. An experienced elder law attorney has the knowledge and insight to make valuable suggestions that can make things easier, both for the person with the assets and for the future heirs. Services include wills, trusts, financial planning, estate tax issues, and powers of attorney.

Medical Planning

No one likes to think of facing medical crises at any point in life but planning ahead for them can make an enormous difference. An elder law attorney can help explain and plan for long-term care options, Medicare, patients’ rights, medical powers of attorney, and living wills or other medical directives (which legally state the patient’s wishes regarding treatments such as intubation and feeding tubes). Having these plans in place can reduce family conflict when a loved one is in crisis because the decisions have already been made. It can also prevent someone from being forced to accept medical treatment they don’t want simply because they can no longer express themselves.

Work With Housing Situations

An elder law attorney helps clients locate suitable assisted living, long-term care, dementia care, and nursing home housing. They also keep clients apprised of their rights in each of these types of facilities and can help manage costs and finances around them.

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